Felicita ship-restaurant

Felicita is a Premium passenger ship. The ship was built back in 1957 at the Kherson Shipyard named after the Comintern. His original name, under which he passed for several decades – “Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky”.

In 2014, the ship underwent a complete modernization and received modern technical equipment. The appearance of the ship is maintained in bright colors and the original style of the 50s. It can comfortably accommodate up to 100 people. The ship offers ample opportunities for a wonderful holiday in any weather. For those who want to enjoy a river walk in the fresh air, specially equipped awning decks for 30 people. In addition, “Felicita” has two banquet salons: one of them can comfortably accommodate 24 people, and the other – 48. Even if you are vacationing with a large company, we have enough space for everyone! If you are hungry, you can use the bar and restaurant. Our chefs will prepare delicious meals for you, and the bar offers a wide range of different drinks. The ship is equipped with modern music equipment, so during the walk you can enjoy the pleasant melodies.